Lottie Hartner-Baydal

The most talented, stubborn, amazing, loving Grandmother

Born: Wednesday, 21 July 1920 (Germany)

Passed: Tuesday, 1 November 1983 (Marshall's Creek, PA)

My grandmother, Lottie, was born in Germany. She came here to Staten Island via Ellis Island when she was 9. Speaking only German. She was quarantined because they thought she had polio. It turns out, she was born with out a right hip socket. She married young had 3 boys, Eddie, Jimmy and Robert. They settled in Stapleton/Concord area. She got divorced and remarried and had two more boys, Donald and Rudy. My grandmother was a tough cookie. And stubborn, holy cow...But she was so special to me. She was so talented. You could give her a bottle of liquid soap and you would get back a statue of Santa Claus. She knitted, did latch hook, crochet, and boy could she cook. She did make a lot of German food. And she did it well. I had the most amazing opportunity of my life when she unfortunately got sick. At this point she lived in PA. She had a heart attack. The summer I turned 13 right before HS my family asked me to live there for the whole summer to help her. Well I can tell you at first I was not a happy camper, I mean really I am in an old age retirement community. I would pay big money, huge money to have that summer back. The things I could have learned. The things I did learn. I loved her with all my heart. I miss her with all my heart.

By: Lisa Scott-Porazzo
Added: Wednesday, 24 August 2016